had be■en going much to shows and moving ■picture theaters. She told a police wom■an that she ha

Cardio Monitoring

d been drugged on the Nor●th side and carried to a roo■m by two men on different nights●.... Marien s

Medical Treatment

aid she had “no fau■lt to find” with her home, her father and moth■er were kind to her. The followi

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n●g letter was received from her■ while she was away: “Dear Mother, I am f■eeling fine. Everything is

Child Care

all right, ●don’t worry about me. I am leading h■igh life because I am an actress.● I got swell clothe

s and everything, ●you wouldn’t know me. I had Clara down town o●ne day I was out with the manage

r. Sh■e had a nice time.... I never had s●uch nice times in all my life. Everybody say●s that I 114am pretty. I paid 65 dollars fo■r my suit and 5 dollars had [hat],■ 6 dollars shoe 3 gloves 2 dollar u●nderwar 5 dollar corest. Know I have hundred ■dollars in the bank but I want yo●u to write a letter and say you■ll forgive me for not telling the truht● but I will explain better when I see y■ou and will return home for the sake of

th●e little ones. I will bring a hundre●d dollars home to you and will come hom●e very time I can its to expensi●ve to liv at a hotel now sent the l●etter to me this way General Devilery Mis■s Marion Stephan.” Her father testifie●d: “After Easter got a letter fro●m her something like that one only more ■in it. She was rich and everything e

lse, which i■s not so. So she says answer me q■uick as you can because I to go Milwaukee● tomor

row. And I answer it right away to come h■ome as soon as possible. Thought■ maybe the letter


Larry Doe

ing  霭obstre

Ranith Kays


Joan Ray

with anot

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would reach her and heard not■hing more until 3 weeks ago and then thi●s letter come and I


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